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Virgo The Virgin

virgo-2Virgo is the sign of service and self-improvement. The symbol is a young woman gathering wheat.

Virgo’s harvest information and put what they learn to practical use.

With an analytical approach to life and a critical eye for organization, Virgo’s are in constant search of perfection.

Their heightened awareness of the world’s imperfections often leave them unhappy and hypercritical.

Disappointment can harden into cynicism and skepticism. Virgo consequently becomes quite critical with self as well as circumstances.

Reserved and shy, it’s hard for them to relax or make small talk with strangers – prefering one-on-one encounters.

Logical and rational, Virgo’s like to bring order out of chaos and feel a need to justify their lives.

In love, Virgo’s are a much misunderstood sign.

Outwardly they may appear calm and unreachable but this is a disguise. Underneath that cool facade they are sensuous, passionate and cautious all at the same time.

Erogenous Zone: The stomach and navel.
Most Likeable Trait: Conscientiousness
Element: Earth (practical and stable)
Ruling Planet: Mercury (planet of the mind)
Keyword: I ANALYZE
Birthstone: Sapphire

Knowing the sun sign represents the characteristic’s of a person and not the entire scope and  makeup of an individual.

Your place of birth and exact time you were born is important to determine your latitude and longitude.

The more information you know about yourself astrologically, the more accurate your horoscope will be.

Most people just know about their Sun sign, but humans are more complicated than that.

Below you will find the planets and what they represent to evaluate the “entire” individual.


The Sun tells us of the actual core of a person, the inner self, of that which is of central concern. It also shows us the general vitality and the ability to assert oneself, it describes a general tone of being which colors everything else.

Rising Sign – Ascendant

Your rising sign signifies the traits that you show to people or the way you act; whereas the Sun sign indicates who you are deep down, or your character. In other words, your rising sign is how you appear to other people, and your Sun sign is who you really are.


The Moon represents our feelings and emotions, the receptivity, imagination and basic feeling tone of a person. It also has an effect on the sense of rhythm, time and timing, it influences our adaptability to change, our mobility and versatility.


Mercury represents reason, reasonableness (common sense), that which is rational. It stands for the spoken and written word, putting in order, weighing and evaluating, the process of learning and skills.


Venus gives us a sense of beauty, the enjoyment of pleasure, aesthetic awareness, love of harmony, sociability, taking pleasure in relationships and eroticism. It’s called the “love” planet.


Mars represents the energy and drive of a person, their courage, determination, the freedom of spontaneous impulse. It also describes the readiness for action, the way one goes about doing things as well as simple aggression.


The search for individual meaning and purpose, optimism, hope and a sense of justice are represented by Jupiter. So also faith, a basic philosophy of life, the striving for spiritual growth and expansion. It’s called the “good luck” planet.


Saturn shows how we experience “reality”, where we meet with resistance and discover our limitations. It represents the conscience and moral conviction, the laws and rules which we choose to obey. It also tells us about our powers of endurance and the ability to concentrate, it lends qualities like earnestness, caution and reserve.


Uranus stands for intuition, it transmits sudden inspiration and lightning insights. An openness for all that is new, unknown and unusual. A sort of wrong-headed contrariness is also associated with this planet. It is said to be characteristic of astrology as such.


This planet gives us the super sensory, opens doors to mystical experience and the transcendental. On this level it is hard to discern where perception moves into deception, illusion and false appearances, and so Neptune is associated with all of these, with drugs and all kinds of pseudo-realities.


Pluto describes how we deal with power, personal and non-personal, be it through suffering the power of others or exercising it ourselves. It describes how we meet the demonic and magical, our regenerative powers and our capacity for radical change and rebirth: the cycles of dying and becoming.

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