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Libra Lovers “The Scales”

Libra lovers enjoy making love most when it’s an ingredient of a loving, stable relationship.

In fact, romance and intimacy tend to be integrally tangled for you.

You aren’t likely to be promiscuous or light-hearted with your affection.

When unattached, you choose your partners with great care.

As the diplomat of the zodiac, conflict turns you off intimacy.

You need there to be peace between you and your partner to fully relax into making love.

You enjoy a romantic ambiance – candlelight, soft music, caring gestures, and loving words all go a long way towards getting you in the mood.

For the most part, you’re not particularly spontaneous or passionate and lean more towards tradition and conservatism.

As a result, you may reject anything that you perceive to be ‘kinky’.

That said, your need to please your partner may entice you to put your personal preferences aside.

Nothing satisfies your more than pleasing your partner.

The Libra Man

The Libra man is incredibly popular with women because you have the rare ability to relate to them on a feminine level.

You’re charming and elegant and posses a refined aesthetic sense.

You spend a lot of time cultivating relationships and what you truly want, is the perfect love affair.

You’re an imaginative, polished lover and lovemaking is your favorite recreation.

Your intuitive knowledge of what turns a woman on is very sexy.

For you, intimacy is all about slow sensuality.

You’re responsive to flattery, and like to be told what a good lover you are – as often as possible.

The Libra Woman

As a Libra woman, you are in love with the idea of being in love.

You’re all about sensuality and have refined tastes in food, wine, dressing, and decoration.

You have a rare talent for bringing out the beauty in life – and carry these aesthetic skills into your intimate relationships.

A true romantic at heart, you spoil your lover with little gifts and surprises to make your relationship glow.

Your lovemaking is center-stage drama – with the spotlight firmly on you.

You strive to dazzle and enchant, and expect your partner to sense your desires without you having to verbalize them.

You’re forever looking for the perfect companion to enhance your image – and the more romantic he is, the better.

Your ideal lover is someone with experience in the art of pleasing a woman.

Turn-ons in Libra Relationships:

According to Starsky and Cox, authors of Sextrology, Libra romance is characterized by the following turn-ons:

• intelligence
• classic beauty, models
• worship
• kissing, licking
• sensual touching
• body contact
• spas, saunas, steam room
• smooth, sculptural bodies
• quickies


Tradition sees the entire universe as consisting of the elements fire, air, water and earth.

When we apply this system to personalities, the elements represent certain basic traits and give a certain “temperament”.

This varies according to the emphasis of the elements in the horoscope. Any placement of planets or personal points in a sign constitutes an emphasis.

The four elements can be regarded as four basic principles of life.

These can be applied to all sorts of things through the principles of similarity and analogy.

C.G. Jung has opened the door to a modern understanding of these categories by developing a system of types, in which the elements correspond to four basic functions of the psyche.

The emphasis or non-emphasis of the elements in the individual horoscope reveals fundamental aspects of the personality.

People with a strong emphasis of the fire element are spontaneous and impulsive, they apply their energies wholeheartedly. Their emotional response is quick and they have a lively imagination.

Fire signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

Airy people are quick and animated. They apply their energies in very diverse ways. They tend to intellectualize their feelings and expectations.

Air signs: Libra, Aquarius, Gemini

People with a strongly emphasized water element are feeling types and are very sensitive. Their imaginative and emotional lives are deep and rich.

Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Earthy people react quietly and slowly. They apply themselves with endurance. Emotionally they are deeply rooted and slow to change.

Earth signs: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo


Libra and Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Earth signs tend to lack your natural social graces and you are keen to help educate them.

You find it easy to communicate with them and you respect their logical minds.

Unfortunately they’re not always so happy to accept your assistance.

Earth signs prefer to do things their own way and resist being told different.

They especially don’t like to be told that they need to be more sociable and outgoing.

Libra in love with Earth signs can be challenging relationships, but they are generally the people you are most attracted to.

You relate well intellectually, but to succeed, these unions need to deepen into emotional attachments.

♥ Libra and Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Other Air signs are potentially your best friends.

You love catching up over a cup of coffee and support each other well.

You love a good gossip with your Air sign friends, and are full of compliments for each other.

It’s nearly impossible to decide who leads and who follows, so you just end up doing everything together.

♥ Libra and Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Libra relationships with Fire signs have the potential to be the most wonderful of your entire life.

Fire signs teach you to access your passionate side and they’re heaps of fun to be around.

They bring out dynamism in you, inspire you and spur you to action.

Libra love matches with Leo and Sagittarius are particularly good.

You also have a potentially good relationship with Aries, your opposite sign, although they can drive you to distraction because they’re so impulsive.

Libra and Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Water signs confuse and frustrate you, and these relationships have the potential to erupt into conflict. Yet you can learn a lot from them if you open yourself to their guidance in the emotional realm.


• Julie Andrews, born October 1, 1935
• Brigitte Bardow, born September 28, 1934
• Jackie Collins, born October 4, 1939
• E.E. Cummings, born October 14, 1894
• Matt Damon, born October 8, 1970
• Michael Douglas, born September 25, 1944
• T.S. Eliot, born September 26, 1888
• Eminem, born October 17, 1972
• William Faulkner, born September 25, 1897
• F. Scott Fitzgerald, born September 24, 1896
• Bob Geldof, born October 5, 1954
• Tommy Lee, born October 3, 1962
• John Lennon, born October 9, 1940
• Martina Navratilova, born October 18, 1956
• Olivia Newton-John, born September 26, 1948
• Gwyneth Paltrow, born September 28, 1972
• Luciano Pavarotti, born October 12, 1935

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