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Cows Are Amongst The…(Video Included)

The Gentle Barn is a farm and animal rehabilitation center in California and Tennessee. They take care of injured and weak animals or animals displaced because of natural disasters and other catastrophic events.

Additionally, they welcome children from all over to have a chance to practice their empathy and compassion by caring for recovering horses, pigs, chickens, and a bunch of other animals.

The Gentle Barn crew recently had a chance to save a cow. They didn’t realize when they first rescued her that she was postnatal with a calf nearby, so the two were separated.

This is how the calf and mother cow were reunited by the loving folks at the barn once they realized what had happened.

This mommy cow was crying for her calf. The moment she had him returned to her was beautiful.

You have to see the part when the calf collapses from stress and weakness just before returning to his mother’s care. Just in the nick of time.

The Gentle Barn saved the day.

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